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We value any collaboration and we love to deliver great results

„River Residence Chalet recommends the collaboration for over 2 years with the Holiday with Views platform. The promotion services of our location had good results, the communication is impeccable and the market impact of the posts offered by Holiday with Views, was auspicious. We recommend them to any location that wants increased visibility on the market and guests as well.”

Anca - River Residence Chalet

„For us, you have always been a platform behind which there is a hard-working, empathetic team ready to offer support to representatives of accommodation units, but also correct and complete information to tourists.”

Alexandra - Green Resort Bran

“The collaboration with Holiday with Views started in 2019, when we opened the first location, Redwood. It was a mistrust to invest even small amounts, in a site that promised to bring traffic and reservations. There are many other listing sites/platforms where you can expose your locations, but Holiday with Views was among the only ones that achieved exactly what it promised us, to bring us reservations. Through social media, the Facebook group, the Instagram account, they managed to increase the degree of occupation when no one would have believed. Their organic growth has a much greater impact than any paid advertisement. I highly recommend their services, regardless of the property type or the maturity of the business.”

Bogdan - Roots Villas

“From the first day of our collaboration, Holiday with Views team showed seriousness and professionalism, doing everything possible through perfect communication, to help promote the location, which directly resulted in an exponential increase in bookings. Expertise in the field makes Holiday with Views a reliable partner that we recommend with full confidence. Thanks for all the support!”

Ioan - Casa Pelinica

„Collaboration with you is one of the most beautiful and joyful. We have always appreciated the promptness with which you responded to our requests, your ability to find solutions suitable to the situations encountered, the way of communication and the permanent desire to improve the services. It's one of the collaborations that turned into a beautiful friendship and at the same time, a valuable partnership that I wouldn't give up.
Congratulations to you, the initiators of this promotion project and the entire team, for the activity you carry out with so much love and for the contribution you bring to our success!”

Anda - Vila Chic M

„Collaboration with Holiday with Views was our first choice, two years ago, when we stepped into the tourism area, with our soul location Casa de sub Munte Fundata. We chose you because you inspired us with confidence, we saw unique accommodations advertised very nicely and a large number of followers on social networks. We know it will be a long term collaboration as we feel you close as often as we need. Success!”

Andreea - Casa de sub Munte

Partnership benefits

We are constantly informed about the news in the field and we emphasize the quality and efficiency of the promotion activities

Listing within the platform is free, no monthly or annual fee is charged, and the remuneration for promotion services will only be made in the case of completed bookings.
We focus on quality, which gives partners a much higher visibility among those who prefer premium and quality travel services.

We offer the possibility of real-time synchronization of the availability calendar and rates with other platforms used.
Partners will manage bookings very easily, through a practical and efficient system developed to avoid overbooking.

We provide each partner with their own management account, accessible non-stop, through which changes can be made regarding the organization of the property and the rental conditions.
We provide a modern, multifunctional, intuitive and user-friendly design platform, developed and based on the current needs of our partners.


Community development is essential, but what matters most are the principles behind how it works.

We like partners who interact with pleasure, who want to be unique, those who adapt to new tourist trends and, last but not least, those who emphasize the quality of the services offered. So, if you want to be part of our community, you will have to meet a few conditions:

  • Regardless of the type of property you want to list, it must offer tourists top quality tourist conditions and services.

  • Photos must be of good quality, clear and reflect reality.

  • Most online reviews should be positive.
  • The accommodation must operate in compliance with the specific legal rules in force.

  • The property has a special design and can provide authentic tourist activities.

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